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Why do we do what we do?

This question is the genuine one that everyone, and every company as a collective entity, must ask itself. The easy and superficial answers related to needs or money are not satisfactory. There are a thousand ways to satisfy a need or to make money and a thousand shortcuts that it is possible to take. The path taken by individuals or companies is guided by the deep values that drive them. Our, the ones we want to put in the brand Revolana, express themselves in every aspect of what we do.

Do not harm

We made the determined choice to use only natural materials with ethics. Synthetic materials are for the most part harmful, uncomfortable and polluting whereas nature already offers so many possibilities. We take care to choose natural materials taken with respect for the nature that provides them.

Being a positive actor in the economy

We believe that a company has an ethical and social role to play in the economy. All is not allowed to make profit. Money is like car engine oil. Without oil the engine breaks but we do not drive to consume oil. Our manufacturing is in Serbia, a country facing serious economic difficulties, our involvement is hence even more important. We are fully aware of it.

Give example

Words are futile if they do not translate into actions. Every day, we make choices, big or small, for the conduct of the business. The choices we make are motivated by our commitments, especially those in ecology and organic.