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Blog - Revolana

Revolana shop becomes

31/01/2020 - News

Ecovolve, manufacturer of Revolana products, but also of Tigil natural clothing and of the Ott Système sleep solution launches the Biodom store to federate its offer under one roof.

Ecovolve presents Revolana and Ott System at the Belgrade Furniture Fair

08/11/2018 - News

The international furniture fair in Belgrade started last Tuesday and continues until Sunday November 11. Ecovolve is present for the launch and presentation of Ott System and Revolana in Serbia. The stand with its sleek and no fril design has been noticed and the natural range has triggered great interest.

Sajam Namestaja Belgrade: Revolana becomes international

26/10/2018 - News

On November 6th, Revolana and Ott System will officially launch in Serbia with the participation of Ecovolve at the Belgrade Furniture Fair (Sajam Namestaja Beograd). This show is the most important event in all of South East Europe that concerns the furniture industry.

Where are sales?

02/07/2018 - News

In previous years, we have succumbed to the pressure of offering sales in Revolana shop. This year, after reviewing all of our regular prices down, we no longer offer sales. We think it is better to offer a fair price all year long than an overvalued price that is significantly reduced during sales.

Launch of the new Revolana website

08/04/2018 - News

After several months of development we are pleased to present the new Revolana website. It has been completely rewritten by ourselves. It corresponds exactly to what we wanted to achieve. It offers us a well-suited platform to explain and show our work.

Video of the wool scouring in Vučje, Serbia

19/03/2018 - Manufacturing

The scouring of wool used in Revolana products is carried out in Vučje near Leskovac. Here we see the different stages from sorting greasy wool, passing through the opener, soaking and washing. After drying, the wool is ready to be packed. Scouring is done with a Belgian machine from 1942 with a very pure spring water.

Video of the manufacturing of woolen waddings

15/03/2018 - Manufacturing

The manufacture of fluffy woolen waddings, which are used in Revolana pure wool duvets, is carried out in several stages. It all starts with the preparation of the wool to continue with the carding and the crossing of the wadding. Finally comes the parallelization of the wadding on a machine that you will probably see nowhere else.

The scouring of wool in Serbia

05/08/2017 - Manufacturing

In Revolana products, we use sheep wool from Serbia. This wool is collected from many small farmers in southern Serbia. Its scouring is done locally in Vučje near Leskovac. It is artisanal, on a small scale, with pure spring water with little limestone.

The steps of making a pure wool duvet

04/07/2017 - Manufacturing

The manufacturing of a pure wool quilt is done in several stages that involve several machines and know-how. We open the doors of our workshop to show the realization of these steps by our production team in Belgrade.

Video of the manufacturing of a pure wool quilt Revolana

03/07/2017 - Manufacturing

The manufacturing of a Revolana pure wool duvet is a multi-stage craft work. From the cutting of the fabric to the packaging, and the quilting on the frame. We show all this work in a video filmed in our production workshop in Belgrade.