Pure new wool mattress toppers

Pure new wool mattress toppers

/ Pure new wool mattress toppers

True foundation of your sleep, the pure new wool mattress topper contributes to your well-being during sleep by regulating the heat and humidity of the body.

The pure new wool mattress topper

The mattress topper is made with 900 to 1000g/m² of pure virgin new wool form Serbia. Its cover is made in a soft and welcoming fabric which is 100% organic cotton. The mattress topper easily attaches to the mattress thanks to 4 solid elastics. It can be removed easily for regular maintenance. Wool has several advantages:

  • temperature regulator ;
  • strongly antistatic ;
  • do not keep smells ;
  • slightly abrasive (constitutes a bad ground for dust mites) ;
  • untreated it is humanly compatible ;
  • absorbs and dilutes body moisture in a very short time.

Wool has a slight disadvantage: it compresses over time. That’s why we use in the mattress topper needle-punched wool in double layers. This process makes it possible to have a dense layer that does not change in time.

100% organic cotton mattress protector

The mattress protector is thick and absorbent protection that is installed on the mattress or mattress topper. It is made of 100% organic cotton. Machine washable at 60°C, it allows to always have impeccable bedding while respecting the breathable and regulating properties of the wool of the mattress topper if there is one.

We propose it in plateau format with 4 integrated elastics. It is made of knitted cotton, slightly stretchy by construction because it is knitted. It is of much better quality than woven mattress protectors with coarse yarn that is scraped to give volume. It is very easy to install. It is always an essential element of good hygiene on all mattresses.