Category: Videos Revolana

Category: Videos Revolana

Video on the manufacturing a Revolana pure wool quilt

03/07/2017 - Videos

The manufacturing of a Revolana pure wool duvet is a multi-stage craft work. From the cutting of the fabric to the packaging, and the quilting on the frame. We show all this work in a video filmed in our production workshop in Belgrade.

Discovery video of traditional Kolo dance

20/01/2017 - Videos

Here is a small discovery of Serbian culture through a traditional dance named Kolo (Коло). It is practiced in a large part of the Balkans. Its name comes from the circle formed by the dancers. Each region has a kolo variation of its own, but the basic movements are similar. The kolo is usually danced in traditional costume on many festive occasions. The video proposed here is a dance directed by Bojan Sudjić, broadcast on RTS (Radio televizija Srbije).