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Timok kid 70x140cm – Pure new wool mattress topper - 1kg/m²
Timok kid 70x140cm – Pure new wool mattress topper - 1kg/m²
Timok kid 70x140cm – Pure new wool mattress topper - 1kg/m²
Timok kid 70x140cm – Pure new wool mattress topper - 1kg/m²

Timok kid 70x140cm – Pure new wool mattress topper – 1kg/m²


Wool has the ability to regulate moisture and heat during sleep. This is why sleeping on wool is so comfortable. The well-being offered by the pure wool mattress topper is exceptional both in winter and in summer. It is particularly beneficial for young children. Timok offers a generous weight of 1kg/m² with 2 layers of needled-punched wool. Cover is 100% organic cotton.

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Craft production

Revolana mattress toppers are crafted on frame in our workshop in Belgrade, Serbia. The wool comes from mid-mountain sheep in southern Serbia. The wool is scoured locally with non-calcareous spring water in a machine with successive baths which ensures a slow and very efficient washing.

Needle-punched wool for added stability and durability

Timok pure new wool mattress topper is made with two layers of needle-punched wool. Each layer is 500g/m². Needled-punched wool is a dense wool that does not get compressed in time and gives Timok its stability and good hold on the mattress.

Organic cotton cover

The mattress topper cover is made of organic cotton canvas in the natural color of the cotton (unbleashed and undyed).

4 holding elastics

Timok has 4 wide Oeko-Tex certified holding elastics. It can fit any mattress including the thickest ones.

The benefits of pure wool mattress topper

The mattress topper is probably one of the most misunderstood bedding elements and yet it is one of the most essential. Indeed, during the night, the body of the sleeper needs to breathe and it evacuates moisture. If the duvet or blanket that covers the sleeper plays an important role and must be breathable, the mattress side must be as breathable not to cause overheating and discomfort.

Moisture and warmth on the mattress side are the breeding ground for dust mites and of all the microscopic fauna that accompanies them. The mattress accumulates this moisture over time. If this is problematic on latex mattresses it is even more on synthetic foam mattresses. The dynamic of the body support provided by a mattress is one thing, the well-being felt and the management of moisture is another. The latter is the role of the mattress topper.

Some mattresses incorporate a non removable layer of wool on the inside top. That is a mistake. For maintenance, the mattress topper must be removable so that it can be taken out or cleaned.

There is also this funny idea about winter and summer side. Wool makes the winter side, and it is true that its insulating property is nice in the winter. Cotton makes summer side. However, is it not in summer that one tends to get too hot and sweat in her or his sleep. In summer, the woolen mattress topper is more needed than ever. This is an element of bedding to use all year round.


Wool breathes and take care of itself. The pure wool mattress topper is like an extension of the mattress that does not need washing each year. It must be protected with a mattress protector and put in the air from time to time, either outside or in the room leaving the window wide open or on the rebate of the window if possible. To remove a stain, it is possible to wash it locally with soapy water or with soda bicarbonate. For an integral wash if it was really necessary, it can be done by hand or given to the dry cleaning (ecological if possible).

Why this name?

The Timok (Тимок in Cyrillic) is a river of eastern Serbia and western Bulgaria and is a right tributary of the Danube. The Timok belongs to a group connecting many small rivers, many of them bearing the same name (Timok) and distinguished only with an adjective.

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