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: Fitted sheet

Fitted sheet pure washed linen
Fitted sheet pure washed linen
Fitted sheet pure washed linen

Fitted sheet pure washed linen


This fitted sheet is made of selected 100% pure linen fabric that has been washed a first time to soften it and stabilize its size. It has 4 wide 30cm cups that can accommodate all types of mattresses. Its generous dimensions give an impeccable rendering in all situations. Flax offers a cool touch in summer and warm one in winter with a soft and sensual contact. White color is obtained with partial whitening while natural is the color of the flax fiber. These 2 colors go very well together.

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Pure linen fabric from Belarus

Flax is a noble and ecological fiber used for thousands of years. If Europe, and especially France, are the first producers of scutched flax in the world, there is no longer any spinning mill. The last ones in Europe are located in Poland and Hungary. Today linen is mostly spun in China.

We chose a flax grown, processed, spun and woven in Belarus. Belarus is the second largest producer of flax in the world and the third largest for scutched flax for yarn. This linen is spun and woven on site by a historical company that produces pure linen fabrics of high quality. Fabrics are sent to our Belgrade workshop without going around the world.

Superior fabric quality

Flax fiber is derived from the middle of the plant. It is naturally thicker than cotton fiber. A pure linen fabric has a number of threads per cm² generally between 30 and 60 (which would be considered low for a cotton fabric). However, even with a lower thread count, linen fabric offers superior quality that lasts over time. Fabrics we offer have around 45 threads/cm².

Benefits of linen

Pure linen bed linen improves with time: it becomes softer over washings. It remains, however, indestructible, extremely resistant, without deforming or fluffing. Hypoallergenic, it gives a feeling of well being. Its airy texture lets air circulate, absorbs moisture and dries quickly. It is a healthy material that will quickly become an accomplice of your nights.

First washing already done

This pure linen article was washed a first time at 60°C without detergent. This first wash softens the fiber and more importantly allows the flax to find its final size. Indeed, flax shrinks naturally by about 5 to 6% in the first wash. We make the confection taking into account this shrinkage in order to obtain the desired size once washed. The article you receive is therefore usable directly and does not move in size.


Fitted sheet crafted in the Ecovolve workshop in Belgrade.


This flat sheet is machine washable at 60°C and can be tumble dried by choosing a “ready-to-iron” type program that leaves the fiber still a little damp. Drying too much damages the flax fiber. If possible, drying in the open air is quick and avoids creasing. It is of course possible to iron linen but the advantage of this fiber is also to be very elegant even without ironing. The slightly crumpled linen gives a touch of authenticity and simplicity that can be of the best effect.

More information on the range of bed linen

For more information about bed linen and organic cotton, especially to compare them, see the page of the range.

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Machine wash at 60°C, tumble dryer allowed


Oeko-Tex 100


100% pure linen

Origin materials

Linen from Belarus


100x200cm, 140x190cm, 140x200cm, 160x200cm, 180x200cm, 80x200cm, 90x190cm, 90x200cm


Natural linen, Natural white